Dis weekend (weeding)

The Bride's
23.7.2009 is my fren weeding ceremony Siti Salmi Mohd she is my Pasti, Primary and Secondary skolmate. she ask me to help her sister to complete 'barang2 hantaran' on 22.7.2009. on that day i sleep 4 am but that thing not yet finish. i stay i my fren house for Thursday nite and at the morning after subuh azan i back to my house. bcz of late sleep i also wakeup late, and i rushing prepare my self to go my fren bcz that have certain thing not done.

At this ceremonies i saw many of my skol fen, kila, nora, mamat, nora, laila, especially ros and linda and my beloved teacher maziah and his cute daughter.

In my planning i want to stay i my fren for the hold day, but suddenly my bro call to go swimming at the beach.


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