feel swi...

ni hou

Actually mse entry ni mse 13/08/09 tp rse nye 05 br leh publish.. ntah la hr 2 cm rse nk bt post, tp sbb tensi mcr template y ssuai 4 sometime myb ni. firstly swi la klu entry2 sblm mcm ntah ape2 sbb b4 i 2ka template evrthin ok, but after new template sme setting is not like b4 cause o that i feel swi to uol. so klu post2 b4 dis haru biru swi la and klu uol nk coment so plez welcome. mse tlis enry ni i kat UiTM Dungun de bengkel prctical. so celah2 mse la actually benkel ni bored sbb 2 la smpt lg post entry..
and for SPSS 6t i akn cte kat next entry.. and 0 more agains SORY cz the old post cz when u read the last 5 post there is not good look, but i try my bes to u.

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