New story

i'm cannot remember when the las time up update my blog. when i see other people blog that keep me rember that i hve one. why i said new story bcz this my las year at u, now i in prctcl training.
i start my practcl training on 8th JUne, meet new fren, now i have bos, and offis mate. but sometime i miss mu ca,pus life. but i must forward bcz i already 24 now.
lately i take one week of with the my supervsor En Azizi and advisor Madam Azian permision to be Oc(orientation comity) at my campus UiTM Dungun.
i back to Dungun and i feel again as a stdent, and campus life. i want to share somtime when u are i working situation it can create a little presure.
but don't make this a reason why u not work, bcz u must always look foward. chayook chayook,chayook
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