2 bAbY Was BorN(Mohammad Amir MuzaKiR AbDuLLah)

After 2 days

The second baby was born on 2nd Feb 2009 with weight 3.5 kg, very cubby baby, his name Mohammad Amir Muzakir Abdullah my sister son. waa both of them are boy, dont nauthy2 my nephew when u grow up.

Mozaid very slow not like Hazid, but very clever baby. aways smile, and very photogedik baby. look his pic, i have very many copy of mozaid pic bcz my sister house beside at my house
Mozaid wis his bro Adic, Mirul and Ashraf. The rocker boys village

After 2 month, look his expression to camera very photogedik baby, he can give dif expression. special possing from him


chykeenzachary said...

he is super cute. look at him...he was looking at the camera.

aiyou said...

of course like his aunt

jai.jezz ^.~ said...

eh. eh. comeinya... macam nak cubit-cubit plak..

SiQaH said...

eee geramnya tgk pipi baby ni..
mmg nak cubit2lah..

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